Our Dentists in Essendon offer a comprehensive variety of general dentistry services. Some of the service we offer include: Crowns, Decay process and Prevention, Family dentistry, Gum Disease, Root Canal treatment and White Fillings.


Restore your beautiful smile with our cosmetic dental services. Come & see a cosmetic dentist in Essendon for such services as: All On 4, Braces, Bridges, Dental implants, Invasalign, Smile makeover, Whitening and bleaching.


With our professional dentists in Essendon, we want you to feel calm & confident with any of our cosmetic dentistry services. Dental Essence provides teeth implants that are indistinguishable from your real teeth, and we treat each patient with the highest degree of care.

Dentist Essendon

As the leading dentist servicing clients in Essendon: you will always receive quality, professional dental Care within a relaxed caring environment

In fact: for over 17 years, our professional dentists in Essendon has been the trusted provider of quality dental care for over seven thousand patients across Essendon.

Our Dentist Essendon practice is a modern and established family dental clinic situated in the heart of Essendon. At Dental Essence, we are committed to providing you with highest-quality, state-of-the-art dental care in a relaxed caring environment. With our gentle approach we make it our mission to always ensure that you are provided with the best and most appropriate dental care for your needs.

We believe in comprehensive care, we look at the mouth as more than just teeth and gums – we include the soft tissues and the muscles used for chewing, and most importantly you as a person. This approach to dentistry centres on regular dental examinations to detect dental disease early thus preventing costly and invasive dentistry.

Our Essendon practice is equipped with the latest technology, ranging from in house crown milling machine to 3D cone-beam ct xays. Our dentists in Essendon have extensive expertise and professional knowledge to provide you with the latest in quality dental care. From general dental care to comestic and implant dentistry, we have a service that suits your needs!
At Dental Essence, your dental needs are our top priority. We can help you achieve your dental goals by providing you with comprehensive information about your options so that you are comfortable with your decision

As you age, your dentist becomes your best friend. Who wants worn down teeth with fracture lines, or rotting teeth, when you can get sturdy dental crowns or inconspicuous white fillings? There’s no need to be scared about going to the dentist anymore - our high quality service and expertise will have your dental needs covered. We are just about that quality and service as *the* dentist essendon

Dental Essence’s general dentistry will assist you with the prevention of tooth decay with solutions and advice based on your individual circumstances. Our extensive range of dental products and solutions means that we have your dental health care covered quicker than you can say “I need a filling!”. Come into to your dentist Essendon clinic today to assess whether or not you are at high risk of tooth decay.

But your general dental care is just the beginning! We know that having an amazing smile can bring so much confidence and joy for our clients - so why not consider coming to your local, professional & caring Essendon dentist at Dental Essence to create a smile that brings at the best in you!

So if you looking for a quality, caring dentist Essendon: look no further than Dental Essence!

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