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Our Dentist Essendon dental clinic offer a comprehensive variety of general dentistry services. Some of the service we offer include: Crowns, Decay process and Prevention, Family dentistry, Gum Disease, Root Canal treatment and White Fillings

Restore your beautiful smile with our cosmetic Essendon and dental surgery services. Come and see a cosmetic dentist for such services as: All On 4, Braces, Bridges, Dental implants, Invasalign, Smile makeover, Whitening and bleaching.

At our Essendon dental clinic, we want you to feel calm and confident with any of our cosmetic dentistry services. Dental Essence provides teeth with dental implants, that are indistinguishable from your real teeth, and we treat each patient with the highest degree of care.

For over 17 years, our Essendon Dental practice on Keilor road has been the trusted provider of quality dental care for over seven thousand patients - So why not see our expert dentists today!

For 17 years, Dental Essence in Essendon has been a trusted source of quality dental care for over 8000 patients. Our clinic is armed with cutting-edge technology and cosmetic dentistry services including a crown milling machine and 3D CT scans. With our team's vast knowledge and expertise, we ensure top-notch dental care.

Dental Essence Essendon creates a blend of first-class dental care within a relaxed and caring environment. We prioritize your dental needs, giving comprehensive information to make your dental decisions easier.

Our full team of dedicated dentists assist with various dental care, cleaning, maintenance, and emergency procedures, keeping your teeth in good shape. We even offer dental crowns and implants for comprehensive treatment.

From the welcoming smiles of our dental practice team to the completion of your appointment, we ensure a relaxed, stress-free dental experience. Our dentists provide the best dental options after examining your teeth. Why wait? Visit our Essendon dental clinic today!

We align with the Australian Dental Association guidelines to deliver quality care for all, including children. At Dental Essence Essendon, we look after your whole family's dental health.

At Dental Essence Essendon, our dentists look forward to making your smile beautiful - contact us today



Dr Nathan Phan received his dental training at Melbourne University and graduated in 1999.


Dr Creighton holds a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, which he gained at Sydney University.

Dr Peter Huynh

Dr Huynh graduated from Melbourne University and has a keen interest in implants and orthodontics

Peter Nguyen

Oral Health Therapist
Peter completed his Bachelor of Oral Health at Melbourne University



The opening hours of dental essence are 8 am to 5 pm during weekdays (Mon-Fri). However, the clinic is closed for lunch from 12noon to 1 pm every day. Saturdays and late evenings are only for private patients for operative and safety procedures. Also, Patients are still seen on an appointment basis even after lenient covid guidelines, so please remember to bring your hand sanitizer, gloves, mask, and follow social distancing to ensure everyone’s safety.
You can book an appointment with a dentist from their official site. It’s free. However, you may have to pay a minimal sum for getting your oral health checked and taking a prescription when paying a visit. So, it’s better to contact the clinic beforehand to know what to expect when you are there.
Yes, the dentist can put you to sleep to carry out the treatment safely. They will use a conscious sedation technique, which has replaced general anesthesia in the medical industry. Sedation dentistry includes drug administration to relax the patient or make them feel unconscious during the treatment. Dentists may consider using intravenous sedatives, oral sedatives, nitrous oxide, or general anesthesia as a technique to make patients feel relaxed and calm.
Dentists are likely to put you to sleep during dental procedures using sedation dentistry. Nitrous oxide will numb the pain and give a pleasurable or light-headed feeling throughout your body to help relieve the feeling of anxiety. The effect of sedation wears off quickly, which means you can safely drive yourself back home without feeling dizzy.
Advancements in technology and dental practices have enabled dentists to pull out a tooth in different ways regardless of their position. Tooth extraction is possible in a single day without scheduling more sessions.
After a dental producer or check-up, your dentist is likely to prescribe you an antibiotic to kill the bacteria causing infection to your oral health. There are many types of antibiotics and over-the-counter medications recommended for treating tooth infections or relieving pain. Make sure you take medication on time to ensure a successful dental procedure.
If you are experiencing any Covid symptoms within the 14 days of your appointment, you must inform your dental office to seek the right measures. Your dentist might tell you some measures to control the pain or postpone the appointment until you feel fine and healthy again to ensure everyone’s safety.
If there is no possible treatment to save your infected tooth, your dentist will remove or extract the tooth, followed by an abscess to eradicate the infection causing tooth decay. You may have to take an antibiotic to kill the bacteria causing infection in your gums or teeth. However, if the infection is only in the abscessed area, you may not need to take any antibiotics.
Dentists will not attend any patient without an appointment as per guidelines set forth by the government to ensure covid secure processes and protocols are followed at all sites. That means patients need to take an appointment before and bring masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers before entering the clinic. The doors will remain locked even during regular working hours, so please contact the clinic right after arriving at the front door.
As long as you have an appointment, your dentist will honor it. But If you decide to see a dentist without insurance, you are likely to be paying for a dental check-up and treatment at the time of your appointment. Whether paying for dental procedures through cheque or cash, some private clinics might offer a courtesy discount (6-9%). However, it is recommended to visit your dentist with insurance so that you can mitigate your medical expenses and take the load off your shoulders.


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